In-depth sleep testing done in the comfort of home.

mySleepStudy is an at-home sleep study that identifies issues and provides unique insights into your sleep.  Other home sleep tests don’t actually measure sleep, often underestimating the severity of sleep apnea while missing other issues completely. Until now, the only alternative has been spending the night in a sleep lab. mySleepStudy is the first to bring the science of the sleep lab to the comfort of home.

How It Works

No wait list, appointment or need for a doctor referral. Order online and have mySleepStudy shipped directly to you. As soon as you complete your home sleep study, we’ll start analyzing your results to complete your personalized reports.


Reports offered only from mySleepStudy provide details about what could be affecting your sleep and using our Sleep Depth Reports, we provide new insights into your sleep quality. 

Reports include the detection of possible sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Central Sleep Apnea, movement disorders and more. Reports can be taken to your own doctor for diagnosis and treatment. All reports are reviewed by Certified Sleep Technologist.


Receive recommended solutions the same time your reports become available. Solutions may include products or behavioural and environmental recommendations. If a sleep disorder is detected with your reports, a member of our team will be in touch for next steps and available treatment options.

Get access to our treatment network

If your results indicate that you may have a sleep disorder, we will contact you to provide the best next steps, including the option to be referred for diagnosis and clinical treatment.

Where is mySleepStudy available?

We are currently shipping kits to Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba and will be expanding across Canada throughout 2019.

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