Sleep diagnostic software that provides in-depth insight into sleep dynamics through patented algorithms developed by internationally recognized expert, Dr. Magdy Younes. 
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Key Features:

  • Automated sleep stage & event scoring ­­
  • Review raw data & manually edit results 
  • Customizable features & reports 
  • Software updates provided as developed 
  • Extensive clinical validation

Digital sleep analysis features:

  • Sleep Depth Scale: Odds Ratio Product, including ORP-9 
  • Delta wave measurements 
  • Correlation of sleep depth (LT vs. RT brain) 
  • Flow limitation index 
  • Oxygen saturation statistics 
  • Breath duty cycle
  • Supports the use of Prodigy Sleep System - Coming Soon  

The Prodigy Sleep Monitor/Michele Sleep Scoring System is manufactured by Younes Medical Technologies, an ISO 13485 certified company.  More information on YMT can be found here.