Tile prodigy model
While the ability to conduct EEG analysis at home has been available for decades, it has not been widely utilized due to high cost and the difficulty for patients in setting up the electrodes correctly. The Prodigy Sleep Monitor is easy to set up and generates all signals required for sleep staging with excellent signal quality. Once the study has been recorded, Michele Sleep Scoring provides additional insight using contemporary digital sleep analysis and assisted sleep studying.

In supplementing Home Sleep Apnea test, Prodigy provides crucial information useful in determining whether a patient has a sleep disorder. For the purpose of diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a more accurate assessment of Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) can be made through the inclusion brain arousals of Total Sleep Time. As Prodigy is light-weight and powered by wireless technology, there is minimal discomfort to the patient, enabling them to sleep naturally and thus produce a truly representative study. Prodigy is equipped with the Sleep Depth Scale, further enhancing the information available to doctors in making their diagnosis.

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  • Easy setup for patients     
  • Wireless technology to minimize discomfort     
  • Full sleep staging in a home study     
  • Sleep Depth Scale for additional diagnostic information    
  • Shipped directly to patients  
  • Excellent signal quality validated in clinical trials    
  • Can be used in conjunction with Level 3 devices  
  • Can be used for multi-night studies


  • More accurate assessment of AHI through inclusion of Total Sleep Time and Arousals
  • Ability to detect sleep disorders other than OSA 
  • Quantitative measurement of sleep depth    
  • Ability to provide sleep studies for patients in remote areas

The Prodigy Sleep Monitor/Michele Sleep Scoring System is manufactured by Younes Medical Technologies, an ISO 13485 certified company.  More information on YMT can be found here.