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A story of innovation

Cerebra was built on the work of Dr. Magdy Younes MD, FRCPC, PhD, a leading sleep science researcher and former sleep lab director at Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Dr. Younes is the inventor of the Odds Ratio Product (ORP) and has pioneered the development of digital analysis in sleep. Previously only available to researchers, Cerebra is the first to provide direct access to this new insight.

A true measure of sleep depth

ORP is a patented, clinically-validated algorithm that provides a continuous measure of sleep depth ranging from 0 to 2.5. This can only be derived using brainwave data from electroencephalography or EEG. ORP predicts arousability from sleep with over 95% accuracy.
"What I love about the ORP Sleep Depth report is how easy it tells a story. You can clearly see different events during the night and how it impacted your overall sleep quality. Anyone looking at a traditional sleep staging report just can't give the same level of information."
- Patrick Crampton, CCO Cerebra

Health Canada Approved

Cerebra sleep study is powered by the Prodigy Sleep System and Prodigy Digital Sleep Analysis which are both Health Canada approved Class II Medical Devices and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

The future of digital sleep analysis

Cerebra and Dr. Younes are continuing to validate new biomarkers and bring additional insights into our sleep study.

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