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No wait list, appointment or need for a referral. Order online and have your sleep study shipped directly to you. As soon as you complete your sleep study, we’ll start analyzing your results to complete your personalized reports.

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Order your sleep test online and we'll ship it right to your door. You should receive your kit within 3 days.

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The tablet will receive and send test information throughout the night. We will begin processing your sleep results by the time you wake up.

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After you've completed your sleep test, ship the kit back to us using the included shipping box and pre-paid return label.

Access your results

Receive your results within days. Once your results are ready, we’ll let you know you can access them in your account.

Connect with treatment partners

If your results indicate that you may have a sleep issue, such as sleep apnea, we will connect you to one of our treatment partners for direct access to diagnosis and treatment.

The complete sleep assessment

Sleep can only be measured by capturing the activity of your brain through EEG (electroencephalography). Any other method is an estimation. For the first time, you can get a complete picture of your true sleep from the comfort of home.

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Sleep Study
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ORP Sleep Depth
Exclusive to Cerebra
ORP Sleep Depth
Exclusive to Cerebra
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Your information is always safe

Your privacy is important to us and we believe that you should always be in charge of what happens with your data. At Cerebra, we are committed to protecting your information and have put in place a strict data policy to ensure your data is secure.

We are compliant with PIPEDA and PHIPA regulations. Your personal information will not be provided to anyone without your specific consent.

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