Research access to ORP Sleep Depth and other digital metrics

Research Portal

Dr. Magdy Younes is actively collaborating with researchers worldwide interested in applying ORP Sleep Depth and associated metrics to their data. This service is provided free to not-for-profit research groups and institutions.

What's included:

  • ORP Sleep Depth
  • ORP-9
  • Right/Left (R/L) ORP Correlation
  • Spindles
  • Alpha Intrusion
  • Inspiratory Flow
  • TI/TTOT Duty Cycle
  • Normalized EEG Power *
  • Arousal Intensity *
  • Average Heart Rate Response to Arousal *

*A longer turnaround time may be included

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Michele Scoring Software

Sleep diagnostic software providing autoscoring and in-depth insights through ORP Sleep Depth

Key features

  • Extensive clinical validation
  • Automated sleep stage & event scoring
  • Access to raw data & manual editing
  • Customizable features & reports
  • Software updates provided as developed

Includes Access To:

ORP Sleep Depth, ORP-9, Delta Power, Flow limitation index, TI/TTOT Duty-cycle, and Editor helper

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Prodigy Sleep System

The most advanced patient-applied system for in-home polysomnography

Key Features

  • Lab quality, wireless signal collection
  • Simple setup by user, no tech required
  • Integration with wrist-based oximetry
  • Cloud-based software platform
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries

Approved for clinical and home use in Canada, research use only outside of Canada.

Features Prodigy Sleep
Prodigy Sleep
Touchscreen Touchscreen
Data Streaming Data Streaming ----
Leg, Intercostal EMG Leg, Intercostal EMG ----
Dual Frontal EEG Dual Frontal EEG
Chin EMG Chin EMG
Dual EOG Dual EOG
ECG ECG ----
Wireless Pulse Oximeter Wireless Pulse Oximeter ----
Nasal Cannula Nasal Cannula ----
Respiratory Belts Respiratory Belts ----

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