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Other home sleep tests don’t actually measure sleep, often underestimating the severity of sleep apnea while missing other issues completely.

Until now, the only alternative has been completing a sleep study overnight in a lab. Cerebra is the first to bring the science of the sleep lab to the comfort of home.

Results available in days

Identify sleep issues and gain insight into your non-REM and REM sleep, heart rate, oxygen levels, breathing patterns, and more. Get exclusive access to ORP Sleep Depth, a groundbreaking and proven measure of sleep quality.

Our Promise

We are here to help you before, during and after your study. Whether you need help setting up your equipment or finding the right treatment path for you, you can reach us anytime with 24/7 support.

We guarantee you will get the answers you need. If for some reason your first study night is unsuccessful, we will provide another study at no cost to you.

What people are saying

As someone who has trouble sleeping, I was excited to try the study. I was a little overwhelmed by the equipment and being able to sleep comfortably with it, but the instructional video was fantastic and helped me through the process. I was surprised that the equipment didn’t actually change the quality of my sleep. The best part was reading my sleep reports. They were very robust and full of information.

- Tim Manness, Winnipeg, MB

Getting ready for the test, I was impressed by how easy it was to set up. The packaging was well thought out and the instructions were great. I didn't even use the video tutorials to get going.

- Dr. Tracy MacNair, MD, FRCPC

After years of living with my husband snoring and trying to adjust to his difficult sleep patterns, it was reassuring to find out he had severe sleep apnea. Not only was it easy to do, but it affirmed what I suspected (and he stubbornly refused to believe). Now that we know, it has provided us options for him to sleep well at night. 3 years ago he had a heart attack, perhaps it would’ve been prevented had we known about this earlier.

- Judy Richichi, Winnipeg, MB

Where is our sleep study available?

We are currently shipping sleep studies to Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba and will be expanding across Canada throughout 2019.

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